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Gravity Game

The Gravity Game allows you to play for awards. Each "play" in the game deducts one SellPoint from your overall balance, unless you are using your Steak Bonus Plays or a Free Play. The game can be launched in one of three ways:

Tap on a rotating award tile on the Home Screen. This will force that award into the game.

PlayZone section on homescreen

Tap "Play" above the list of awards in the PlayZone. This will randomly insert a variety of awards into the game. 

List of available awards in Playzone

Tap "Play" on an unlocked award in the PlayZone. This will force that specific award into the game.

PlayZone awards options - Locked, Unlocked and "Play" tab

Once you're in the game, tap the “Play” tile in the bottom right portion of the screen. Tiles will begin to fall and the last tile standing dictates what happens next. You’ll either land on:

PlayZone tiles screen - Play, Try again, Free Play, Award

  1. Try again—as the name indicates, you will need to try again.
  2. Free Play—this will give you an additional play that doesn’t deduct any SellPoints from your balance.
  3. Award—if you land on an award, it will trigger a timed pop-quiz. The questions in the quiz will come from the courses that are attached to that award. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you will earn that award and be prompted to claim it. Once you tap claim, you’ll receive an email with further instructions, and your award will be on its way!