How do HP rebates work?

Here is some information regarding rebates:

  • You earn rebates like you earn any other awards, through the ProShop, PlayZone and events
  • After earning your rebate, you claim it through the normal claim process (this step is simply to receive the rebate form)
  • If your claim is successfully processed you will receive your rebate (an email from SellPro with a link to the rebate form, where you can upload your documents)
  • Submit your rebate with the required documents (make sure to comply with the required timeframes to purchase and submit your rebate)
  • Once submitted your rebate will be processed for approval 
  • If your rebate is approved you will receive a confirmation email with details on when to expect payment. The form of payment is by check via mail

Rebates checks are issued in the denomination of your country (If you live in Canada you will receive your check in $CAD)

For detailed information on available rebates please refer to the Terms & Conditions here: 


Can rebates be combined?

For the HP Rebates, you are not allowed to combine the rebates for one item. The terms state the following "The HP Employee Purchase Program rebate cannot be submitted in conjunction with any other rebate". 

Can paper and/or Ink be considered for printer rebates?

Yes, HP Ink and HP paper qualifies eligible products for HP Printer Rebates. As long as all of the other rebate terms are met. 

How long does it take to process rebate?

Once we receive your rebate it takes around a week to approve the rebate. Once it is approved it takes up to two months to process payment.

Can I use my employee discount for HP rebates?

Yes you can, as long as it meets the necessary requirements.

What retail stores qualify for the purchase of HP rebates?

You can purchase your item from any of the Certified HP re-sellers (eg. BestBuy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Fry's). Private sellers do not quality (eg. Ebay, Craig's list).