Why am I not earning awards?

If you are not earning awards, there are a few things you can do...

Unlock all of your awards

First you want to make sure you unlock all of the awards available to you. In order to earn an award you must first land on an unlocked award and then take a pop-quiz. If you land on a locked award it will be a wasted SellPoint.

Make sure to spread the use of your SellPoints

The Gravity Game in the PlayZone takes into consideration how many users are playing and how many awards are available. Spreading the use of you SellPoints throughout the week increases your opportunity to land on an award. 

Get more SellPoints

The key to maximizing your time in the PlayZone is to rack up on SellPoints:

  • Passing new courses. Getting certified earns you SellPoints for each new course you complete. Larger courses get you more SellPoints at one time
  • Referring a friend or co-worker to SellPro (show video of the Share SP button/screen). Each time someone signs up for SellPro with your referral code and that friend gets certified for one course, both of you earn 5 SellPoints
  • Sharing a certificate on Facebook earns you 1 SellPoint
  • Logging in daily – you will get bonus plays (note: you can only use them for that day)