What is the 'Mall'?

A new way to earn awards!

The 'Mall' is simply a new way to earn awards. The way it works is you have to earn 'Mall Credits' through the PlayZone. Once you successfully claim your 'Mall Credits' (just like any other award in the PlayZone) they will be applied to your account. When they are added to your account, you will see your new balance in the 'Mall Credit' tile in the 'Home-screen'. When you have 'Mall Credits' you simply go to the 'Mall' to redeem awards (you exchange your 'Mall Credits' for awards).

What's the difference between SellPoints and 'Mall Credits'?


  1. Are used towards the ProShop and PlayZone.
  2. Are earned by engaging with the app. (e.g. completing a course)

Mall Credits:

  1. Are used in the 'Mall'
  2. Are earned by unlocking and winning the 'Mall Credit' award type

Please note that SellPoints cannot be exchanged for 'Mall Credits' and vise versa.