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Tapping the Settings icon allows you to view and/or adjust the following settings:

SellPro Settings screen - SellPro Information, Preferences, Feedback, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Full Sync, Log Out

  1. SellPro Information: Version, release date, and copyright information.
  2. Preferences – You can select whether you wish to receive event and marketing emails as well as selecting if you wish to complete content syncs over cellular data.
  3. Feedback – Tapping on this option takes you to your device’s app store to leave a SellPro (five star 😊) review.
  4. Contact Us – This option opens your email client to contact SellPro support.
  5. Terms & Conditions – Find the complete terms and conditions of the SellPro app here.
  6. Full Sync – Sync every piece of SellPro content to your device in one shot.
  7. Log Out – Log out of your current SellPro session.