How to Request the Deletion of Your SellPro Account and Personal Data

At SellPro your privacy is our top priority. We understand the importance of your personal data and are committed to ensuring its confidentiality and security.

How to request data deletion

  • Prepare the request
    To initiate the deletion of your personal data, please send an email to our support team. In your email, clearly state that you are requesting the deletion of your personal data from our platform.
  • Email us your request
    Send your request to Include your full name, and the email address associated with your SellPro account so we can locate your data. Please use the email address associated with your account for verification purposes.

Processing your request

Upon receiving your request, SellPro will:

  • Acknowledge Receipt
    We will confirm that we have received your request
  • Verify Your Identity
    Upon receiving your request, our support team may contact you for further verification to ensure the security of your account and the authenticity of the request.
  • Delete Your Data
    We will delete your personal data from our records in accordance with our data retention policy and applicable legal regulations.
  • Confirmation of Data Deletion
    We will send you a confirmation email once the deletion is complete.

Important Considerations

  • Processing time
    The processing of your data deletion request might take some time. We strive to complete these requests as promptly as possible, typically within 30 days of verification.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
    Please be aware that in certain cases, we may be required to retain some of your data for legal or regulatory purposes, such as financial records for auditing.
  • Scope of Data Deletion
    This policy applies to all personal data processed by SellPro, including data collected through our mobile application, website, and any related services.