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The PlayZone adds a gaming experience to the SellPro app. Not only that, but allows you the opportunity to earn awesome awards in the Gravity Game. After tapping on the PlayZone icon, you’ll see a list of both locked and unlocked awards. Please note, the PlayZone isn't available to all retailers.

List of  available PlayZone awards - Locked, Unlocked

Locked Awards
Locked awards have a lock icon over them. To unlock them, you’ll need to certify on all courses that appear in the list (after you tap on an award in the list). Courses that have checkmark indicate that you’ve completed them; courses with an empty circle indicate that you still need to certify.

Courses checkmark - complete, incomplete

Unlocked Awards
Once you’ve certified for all associated courses, the lock will disappear and you’ll be eligible to play for these awards in the Gravity Game. You can force an unlocked award into the Gravity Game by tapping "Play" in the upper right corner.

Playing for an unlocked award