How do I create inventory items to use for awards?

This article will describe the process and requirements for creating an inventory list of award items to use for your SellPro content.

An inventory item is a detailed list of all items in stock, such as eGift cards or products. An inventory item is required prior to creating an award because it contains all the award information and quantity.


Inventory items are created by your SellPro Client Manager. If you need to have an inventory item created, please provide the following via email to your Client Manager:

  • Award name (ex: $5 Starbucks eGift card)
  • Item type (normal or swag) – SellPro users are not taxed on swag items, such as branded apparel, pens, pins, etc. (Applies to users in the United States only.)
  • MSRP
  • Description (optional) – this may include specific award details such as code expiration dates, exclusions, etc.
  • Award image – if the award is a physical product, an image of the product must be provided.


  • Terms and Conditions URL (optional) - if you have a custom set of terms and conditions you prefer to use, you may include the URL to those terms here.

Once an inventory item is created, inventory can now be added to it. Electronic codes can be uploaded to inventory and physical awards can be added to inventory once they’ve been shipped and delivered to the SellPro warehouse.

After inventory has been added to the inventory item, awards can be created easily as the award image and details will auto-populate.