My training content on SellPro hasn't been updated in a while, but I don't have anything new. What can I do to help keep store associate engagement up?

This is a great opportunity to have store associates re-engage with already existing and still relevant content.

Regardless of your product category or product lineup, sometimes you may end up with a week where you don’t have any new course content to launch. No problem, because SellPro is all about reinforcing knowledge and finding opportunities for sales associates to engage with your brand.

There are a number of ways you can keep SellPro users actively engaged with your brand when this happens:

1. Plan ahead and add a 30-day recertification recurrence to your courses
before you activate them so retail associates automatically have to complete them again 30 days after they first take the course. If you end up inactivating the course prior to the 30-day mark, no problem.

Below you can see the number of recertifications each month when just a handful of courses have 30-day recertification required.


2. Create a copy of an existing course and give it a refresh.

    1. Add or change quiz questions
    2. Add a new naming convention to the course name.
    3. Update the aesthetic. Engage readers with new visual elements including photos of your product, videos of your product/services in action, etc.

3. Take an existing course and create a course series from it.

For example, take a product overview course, split the content and create a series of courses on the product.

The courses could include:

  • Product overview
  • Features highlight
  • Sales tips/how to qualify your customer
  • How to attach to other sales
  • Product comparison
  • Product step-up guides

While these options won't introduce the store personnel to new content, they may actually learn something new from it being presented in a different way or simply because they are viewing it for a second time. Repetition is the key to long-term knowledge retention and brand mindshare!