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Streak Bonus Plays

Your Streak Bonus gives you free plays to use in the Gravity Game.


Streak Bonus section on homescreen


Streak Bonus section in Gravity Game


Here's how it works:

  • On day one of opening the app, you’ll be rewarded with one (1) Streak Bonus play to use in the Gravity Game. These plays DO NOT deduct from your SellPoints balance. 
  • On day two of opening the app, you’ll get two (2) Streak Bonus plays.
  • Each consecutive day you open SellPro, you’ll keep your streak alive and will be rewarded with an additional Streak Bonus play.
  • On the tenth consecutive day of  opening the app, you’ll max out with ten (10) Streak Bonus plays.
  • Each day that you open SellPro after the tenth consecutive day, you’ll automatically receive ten (10) Streak Bonus plays until your streak is broken.

You continue to keep your streak alive as long as you keep opening the app every day. If you miss a day of opening the app, the streak ends and you'll need to begin a new streak, starting with one (1) Streak Bonus play.

Keep in mind, your Streak Bonus plays are "use them or lose them", so make sure you play the Gravity Game every day, as these plays do not accumulate/roll over.