What are SellPro Sales Campaigns?

This article introduces the Sales Campaigns feature in SellPro, how it works and how your brand can benefit customers by promoting more of your product rebates.

Sales campaigns are a powerful new way to leverage your best advocates - the in-store associate who directly sells your products to customers - to promote your product rebates. When customers come into a store to buy a product, they may not be aware of promotions and discounts that they can take advantage of if they buy from your brand. That's where store associates and brand reps trained on SellPro Sales Campaigns can make a real difference! 

SellPro Sales Campaigns get store associates and brand reps up to speed about your current rebate promotions, so they can inform potential customers while making their purchase. Store associates who participate in Sales Campaigns earn exclusive awards for doing so, and the more rebates they push to customers, the more they can earn.

Here's How it Works

Store associates who are on SellPro participate in your Sales Campaigns in the app.

[Sales Campaigns screenshot]

In the campaign, they learn all about the specific rebate program the campaign is aimed to promote. After completing the topics in the campaign, they are given a Task to promote a specific number of rebates to customers.

[Sales Campaign topic screenshot / Campaign Task callout]

Armed with the knowledge from the Campaign topics, store associates then approach customers on the sales floor who are looking to make a product purchase. If the product they want qualifies for your rebate program, the store associate then encourages the customer to buy your brand's product by presenting them with the qualifying rebate on their in-store product purchase.

[Sales Campaign QR Code screenshot]

After a customer agrees to make the product purchase, the store associate presents them with a unique QR code that the customer can scan with their mobile device. Using the online form the QR code links them to, the customer can quickly submit their rebate information right in the store (or later on at their convenience) after making the purchase with the store associate.

For each qualifying rebate submission the store associate promotes through the Sales Campaign, the store associate can earn exclusive awards like digital gift cards, physical products or special discounts they can use. 

Promote Rebates, Boost Product Sales

Consumers are 75% more likely to purchase your product when offered a rebate. That's why when store associates promote your rebates directly to customers using SellPro Sales Campaigns, the likelihood of those customers purchasing your product immediately increases. Because they're informed about the rebate during their store visit, the process can be completed right away and there's no need for physical receipts, cutting out UPC codes from packages and mailing them in, or having to fill out complicated paper forms after returning home - the customer can see right there in the store that their rebate has been submitted.

Prevent Rebate Fraud

SellPro Sales Campaigns also help prevent rebate claim fraud, because the store associate is right here in-person to guide the customer through the rebate redemption process, and to confirm the actual sale of the product. By verifying the customer's qualifying purchase to earn the rebate directly after the sale, fraudulent online submissions, invalid or duplicate rebate claims become a thing of the past. 

Track Accurately and Reward the Right Way

When a customer scans the rebate QR code presented by the store associate, that store associate gets the credit for the sale, and can earn an exclusive award when they reach the required number of rebate submissions in the Sales Campaign. The QR code is linked directly to the store associate's SellPro account, so every rebate they successfully promote can be tracked - and that allows you as the brand, through SellPro's analytics dashboards, to track both the individual customers who submit a rebate, and the store associate who made the sale - so you can see (and reward) those who are really working it!

Everybody wins

With SellPro Sales Campaigns, store associates and brand reps are sufficiently informed about your active rebate promotions, and customers won't miss out on a well-deserved savings on their purchase.

To learn more about how your brand can start benefiting from Sales Campaign functionality, talk to us today! We'll show you a quick, free demo of how it works.