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Home Screen

The Home Screen is the first screen you see after logging in to SellPro. From here, you will be able to access all areas of the app. Below, you'll find a glossary of all icons and buttons on the Home Screen.

SellPro homescreen map areas

  1. Refresh Icon – Begins an app-wide refresh to update all new content and awards. Please note, this happens automatically about every 15 minutes, but tapping this icon will refresh content and awards on-demand.
  2. Profile Settings – Access and edit your profile settings, such as your employer, store #, and product categories. You can also see all of your earned awards and certificates here.
  3. SellPoints – In-app currency that can be used in the Gravity Game and ProShop to play for, and claim awards, respectively.
  4. Certificates – Digital certificates received after successfully certifying on courses.
  5. Courses in Progress – Lists the number of courses currently in progress. Tapping this tile takes you directly to all of your in-progress courses.
  6. Awards – This tile cycles though all available PlayZone awards, and takes you directly to the Gravity Game when tapped.
  7. My Events – Keep track of events for which you have registered, right from the home screen.
  8. Streak Bonus – Earn Streak Bonus Plays to use in the Gravity Game for each day you consecutively log in to the app.
  9. Feed – Check out the feed for all important messages regarding content, awards and special promotions.
  10. ProShop – A shortcut to the ProShop, where you can use your SellPoints to instantly claim awards.
  11. Bottom Menu Bar – Icons that quickly take you to various places in the app.

Homescreen menu bar

  1. Courses – Takes you to the courses section of that app where courses are separated into “New”, “In Progress”, and “Completed” tabs.
  2. Reference Library – The Reference Library contains useful content like spec sheets and comparison charts.
  3. Clipboard –  The clipboard gives you quick access to saved topics from courses or saved files from the Reference Library.
  4. Events - Register for live and/or virtual product training events right from your mobile device.
  5. Leaderboard – Check out the Leaderboard to see who's the top “Sell Pro” at your store, your company, and the country.
  6. Share SellPro – Let others know how much you love SellPro and share it with them. You'll earn SellPoints when your colleagues join SellPro. 
  7. PlayZone – Awards in the PlayZone are unlocked based on the courses for which you certify. Certifying for courses that are attached to awards you want to earn is a great way to determine the order in which you'd like to certify.
  8. Settings – Access and edit app settings, or give us your feedback.